Sam Semako People And Career (PAC) “Your Life Must Have A Single Theme” – Jesse Dakat

“Your Life Must Have A Single Theme” – Jesse Dakat


Jesse Enoch Dakat hails from Plateau State, Nigeria.


He studied Electrical/Electronics at PGD level from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi State alongside networking with Cisco. Prior to this, he studied Physics/Electronics at HND from University of Jos affiliated to Nigeria Institute of Science Lab Technology, Ibadan.


He is a physics teacher with a federal government school in the northern part of Nigeria.


He is a reggae  musician, as well as a Life and Wellness Coach. He is also a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.



He is a teacher of Physical and Spiritual Laws of the Universe.


He promotes global peace and happiness through spiritual and emotional healing and understanding of our Inter-connectedness.


He is also the anchor of the radio programme: Matters of Life on Rockside 89.9FM Kafachan, Kaduna State.


He is the CEO of Integrated Life Solutions.


His life ambition is to receive world recognition award for his contributions to World Peace and Health.


His mantra is “We are one”.





Good evening to you all beautiful souls: members of the PAC family.


My name is Jesse Enoch Dakat.

I count it a real privilege to be invited to share my career story with all of you.


My Story


I’ll start by telling you a brief story of my life to set the tone for sharing  the  story of my career journey.


I am a strong believer in the inter-connectedness of everything in the universe.


The things that happened to us in our formative years set the stage for the bigger drama of our later life.


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I was born in Garkawa in Plateau State in 1970. My mother told me that I was a strange child. Unlike other babies she’d had, I was different from other children. When she gave birth to me , I came out smiling. It was strange to her and she wondered what kind of child this child was.


As I grew, other strange characteristics began to show in my character. For instance, I like to keep to myself. I wouldn’t eat in the same dish with anyone else except my mother. I do not eat many of the local dishes that were prepared at home. I considered them abhorrent. My mother would prepare a separate dish of my preference any time they cooked something I didn’t like and many other nuances which caused many of my siblings to dislike me.


As time went on, my mother pleaded with my father to allow me stay with an older brother whom I was very fond of, who back then, was living a better life as a photographer.

During the holidays he will send me to my father to help on the farm.


My father was a very strict disciplinarian, so I hated him.

I never really had a relationship with him. He was also a workaholic. I hated manual labour and would do anything to avoid it. My father frequently expressed fear that I might amount to nothing in life.  I was the only child who challenged my father although I feared him and disliked him, I managed to brave up to it.


I like to challenge authority and the status quo to date.

Little did I know that I had most of the qualities of my father that I hated.

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My mother was mostly sick and bedridden for all the time I knew her. I was a child who kept to himself. I had no friends but loved to read a lot. I read Julius Caesar, Charles Dickens, James Hadley Chase, Nick Carter, Dennis Robbins, and the Bible. I have completed the reading the Bible more than five times.


In primary school English Language was my best subject and I loved to write essays.

Unfortunately or so I thought at the time, I got admission to a technical college to study Refrigeration and Air-conditioning. I love the theory part of my studies but resented practicals.

I should have known from the start that I don’t like working with objects but I prefer working with people; I was more of an intellectual than a hands on person. But like I keep forgetting, that your soul knows exactly what it is, and what it wants but the body is lagging behind in comprehension of who the true self is.

[bctt tweet=”Early childhood experiences have a great influence on latter life.” username=”SamSemako”]

If you want to understand yourself, revisit your child.

Here I am a literary inclined person but reading Technical trades. I would never fix a fridge. But I kept going. I read Technical Education. It was not what I wanted to read. But I later found it very interesting. It took me through the different rooms of one big house called Technology. I think that is where I  developed an insatiable love for knowledge. I now want to know everything. From Technical Drawing to metal work to educational psychology to teaching methodology. Technical education gave me a gift – a broad spectrum understanding of how the world works.


Back home, I came from one of this smaller religious groups that believe that only them have the truth and the “truth” is that, apart from them, everyone else is part of Satan system. You could only make friends with members of the group since only they know what the world is all about.

But I see them with the same set of problems everyone else has.

It will appear that we were more focused in proving others wrong than living the truth we claimed to have. Even though I could not pull away from my religious tribe, I was no more enjoying it; had tons of questions I would have loved God to answer for me.


so, I had a greater pull toward knowing more about our world. I studied Physics and Electronics. I studied networking. I studied electrical Engineering. I studied Information Technology at Ms.C level but after my course work I could not do my thesis. Wander banks had whipped me silly. I was dazed. I was confused.


I had taken up teaching as a way out. I never planned to be a secondary school teacher for this long. I just wanted to use it as a brief stop over, but low and behold, I stayed as a teacher for 17 years.

I was dazed. I was confused.

I have invested hugely on education but I don’t know exactly what I wanted out of  life.  I asked myself, “Now that I have toured the realm of science and technology what else?”


You may forget who you are and what you want from life. But your soul never forgets. It keeps attracting the people and circumstances you need to keep growing into your true destiny – your evolution.


As a kid I had no intimate friend and I loved my privacy. When I sing and dance before the mirror and pretend to be a speaker in front of audiences, a friend would stand in the way. I loved taking long walks and trying to figure our what other narrative are there; other perspectives to issues.


As one who hates monotony, I always welcome new information. At this point in my life ,  I was sick and tired of being a secondary school teacher. My soul craves for more. I was no longer happy. Apart from the many certificates that I have, I have nothing of a material nature to be proud of. I was getting afraid of life. “Have I failed?” I was worried? My soul was in distress.

Despite being a church elder, I had serious doubts about what I teach in church. It was at this point that I met Sam Semako Jinadu.

I told him I had skills in music, speaking, teaching but I didn’t know which way to go. He advised me to go and do NLP. That was the turning point in my life.


*NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming


NLP fascinated like nothing had ever fascinated me in my whole life. At this point in my life, my marriage was tumbling; my faith in religion was shaken.  My finances were in a mess, everything had gone out of kilter and this NLP came and handed me a torchlight so to speak: a means and framework for reasoning.


I started examining my past and understanding why some things had happened in my life.


How my past has affected my present and shaping my future. I had come this far, I must see the end. I started to  study spiritually, of different traditions. I read much about body-mind connection,  I read about purpose. I studied psychology when I was not at work. I read, and read, and read. If I am not reading, I am playing my guitar. It was as if a spirit had possessed me but I soon realised that, I know why I was reading wide. I soon began to see that all subjects are one subject applied in different contexts.

Physics and the Bible are saying the same thing.

One says, “Action and reaction are equal and opposite, the other one says, Do unto others as you’d want done onto you”.

They are saying the we thing!

The universal law of gravitation in physics is the same as when the Bible says, “Draw close to God and he will draw close to you”.

It’s the same principle!


The universe is governed by precise laws of nature.

They are forever immutable.

I found a way of relating one thing in one subject area with it’s correspondent in another subject area. If this correspondence exist in all subjects, then it means all knowledge stem from one source and any thing that does not have it’s correspondent in any other field of study would  pass for an error of reasoning.


[bctt tweet=”No truth stands apart,” username=”SamSemako”]it is linked to every other truth. The same with the lie.


My soul had been taking me round to see that everything is the same thing. It held me back each time I wanted to do any thing of a non-intellectual nature.


I knew that I had stumble on something huge. I asked myself, “What is the best way I could help humanity with this knowledge and insight?”


What is man’s greatest challenge?  Health and Peace. That is it! I could not aim lower than these ideals. Since every thing is the same thing.


How to make cars can be used to explain how we make peace. Everything that works perfectly is imbued with the principles that can make other things work perfectly. Whether it is peace, health, music, or art, the same principles guide them all!


The universe is holographic. Meaning the same pattern is replicated everywhere. “As in heaven, so upon the earth”. “As above, so below”. “As within, so without”. “I and the Father are one. We are one humanity. We are the same kind. We are, intricately connected. We are one repeated all over the place.

[bctt tweet=”The belief in separation is a big illusion.” username=”SamSemako”]

We are divided along racial, religious and political lines based on that illusion. It has created everything that divides us. The failed corporations.

Failed marriages, religious and tribal wars, are all possible because of the illusion of separateness.

No sane man will harm another if he knows for sure that they are harming themselves as well. If I had loved my father, he would have treated me with love. But I projected my capacity for hatred on him and he appeared as a hater to me.

[bctt tweet=”We see others as we are.” username=”SamSemako”]

What irritates you about others is what irritates you about yourself.

A truly peaceful man will never fight; never hate another.

You can’t get angry at another and be free from the consequence of anger.

A war against war, is still a war. I slap you, you revenge; none of us more guilty than the other. If you hate other religions for whatever reason you are only projecting the hatred in you on their actions.

We can build a better world if we can live more responsibly.

If we are miniature versions of an omnipresent God, then, we are capable of imitating Him in His equal love for the righteous and the unrighteous by giving both of them rain equally; sun and air equally. These are the elements of every creation or creative work.

[bctt tweet=”Nature speaks to us in words unspoken.” username=”SamSemako”]

And it speaks so eloquently. We only need to pay attention to hear nature and study nature to understand God.


This is how science led me back to spirituality. This is how I found a context for my music, speaking and  writing skills. At last, everything has come to a convergence. As seemingly parallel beams of light come to a convergence after passing through convex lens so does everything goes back to God.

Thus God is everything and everything is God. Are we not one?


We are One!


Career Lessons 1:

You can find a single context for all your talents, gifts, knowledge and skills.


The truth is that your ability to harness all your spiritual , academic, vocational and other assets, and channel them into one single project is the true test of creativity.

Your life must have a single theme that is an embodiment of everything you know; an expression of your grandest vision for yourself.


Career Lesson 2:

Adversity is a sweet milk.


When you think you are down and out, that is when you are about to make your greatest break through.

The challenges of a low paying job, low self esteem, sickness , marital crisis are all calling on you to grow. Welcome them, and learn through them. See the positive side of adversity and you’ll soon overcome it.


Career Lesson 3:

Your Soul knows what is best for you.


I always knew that I was intellectually inclined.

I tried to be a technician, an engineer, but my soul craves music , speaking and teaching- all verbal skills.

You must know your strengths and take advantage of them.


Career lesson 4:

Mentoring is key.


Your mentor can/will connect you to opportunities.



Sam Semako my mentor, and Innocent Usar exposed me to radio. Now I have a program of my own. They both have introduced me to books I might never have come in contact with.

Videos, seminars, workshops, and training have all accelerated my journey, in my career, beyond what words can say.


Career Lesson 5:

Success is a journey.


Instant success is very dangerous.

Be patient; trust the process, and you will make steady progress.


It takes time to gain clarity on your vision. It’s a process and you can’t jump the stages. Failure is a huge part of it. When you are ready, the big break will come. It’s by the law of attraction.




I am grateful to the Admins of PAC, and to everyone in the PAC family, for your time and the privilege of sharing my story with you.


Thanks and Jah bless.



Questions & Answers

Charles Onyenso:

My name is Charles Onyenso, an Accountant, based in Lagos. My question: Sir, as a child you didn’t like manual job which made you to hate your father; I am trying to correlate your career success with respect to this point. Could that have been possible?

Jesse Dakat:

Looking back now, I could see that my father was trying his best to inculcate industry in me. But some kids who are highly intellectual may shun work that does not involve intellectual stimulation. But I am eternally grateful to him. I work hard today at what I do. Hence the remarkable progress. I have made peace with him in my heart though he is already dead

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Author: Sam Semako

I am a Career Development Consultant who mentors those who are confused regarding what to do with their lives, or frustrated about their work or struggling to find what they need to do with their lives. I also help train them to become experts in their fields by providing them with significant career-based information, resources (in form of opportunities and networks), and training relevant to their fields in order for them to live their dreams and make a lasting impact in a space of 1 year and beyond.

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