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Top 3 Reasons You Will Never Blog or Write

Do you have the desire to write or blog? Have you tried to, but can’t get it right or you haven’t started at all?

Would you love to express your feelings and observations, expertise and knowledge effortlessly?

Most of us do! We want to, but…WE LIMIT OURSELVES: I do limit myself and you do too.

‪Can I ask you a question? What (or who) do you think is hindering you when it comes to writing or blogging?

Well, whatever your answer, I still think, you are the YOU hindering yourself from writing. Don’t you think so?

So, what are the sources of limitation?

Let’s see “Top 3 Reasons You will Never Blog or Write”:

1. “What Do I Write?”‬

‪That’s it! What do I write about? Ask 90% ‘would-be’, ‘desire-to’ ‘want-to’ writers, they will tell you that they don’t know what to write about.

Is that really true?

Is it really true that you don’t have ANYTHING to write about?

Is it really true that you DON’T KNOW anything to write about?‬

‪Let’s take a look at your week (let’s say your day), what happened while you were on the way to your workplace? What were the SCENES that you saw that piqued your attention?‬

‪Or let us look at the last book you read; from the book , what were the lessons you learned? Can you share those lessons with us just the way you will share with your friends?

‪Truth be told, all that you need to write about ARE all AROUND YOU.‬

‪Take a look at the things to write about:‬

‪*Your daily experiences as you commute to and fro work or whichever place you commute to daily‬

‪* Your daily thoughts/thinking

‪* Your inadequacies

‪* Your surprises‬

‪* Things you read from books‬

‪* Lessons learnt from movies‬

‪* Your preconceived notions or thinking‬

‪* Your failures

‪*Your successes

‪* Your observations, of events, people and places

‪* Your nuances and idiosyncrasies

‪* Trends and happenings

‪* Music and music stars

‪* Interviews of people in your industry‬

‪* Challenges you overcame or facing‬

‪* Odd things and happenings‬

‪* New research on any topic of your interest‬

‪* News in your society or in your industry‬

‪* Political happenings that have comparison with your field or expertise‬

‪* How you fell into a ditch and the lessons you learnt front that experience‬

‪* Lessons from your growing years days‬

‪* What else?

Think more.‬

‪There is NO LIMIT to what you can write about or write on. It all depends on you. However, whatever story strand you decide to write from, tie it up with lessons necessary for your typical audience.‬

2. “I Don’t Know How to Write.”‬

‪Everything in life has a “HOW TO”. You cannot just jump into the driver’s seat of a car and just begin to drive without having had bit of knowledge about driving. That’s why you see DRIVING SCHOOLS all around us. They are there to teach “THE HOW TO” of driving.‬

Writing has a “HOW TO”.

Riding a bicycle has “HOW TO”.

Singing has a “HOW TO”.

Drumming has a “HOW TO”.

Sex itself has a “HOW TO”.‬

‪What else?‬

‪Cooking has a “HOW TO”.

Knotting a tie, has a “HOW TO”.

Dressing well, has a “HOW TO”.

Dancing well has a “HOW TO”.

‪Tell me what doesn’t has a “HOW TO”?‬

‪Face reality, you are not yet an expert in writing, but RIGHT NOW, your writing is GOOD ENOUGH for your current level and for those you are writing for.‬

‪Your would be readers are not demanding PERFECTION from you, all they are demanding from you is, “just talk to me and let me learn a thing or two from you”. I guess that is not too much of a burden to you, is that not so?‬

‪If it is not, then just write. In fact, I am eager to read from you. I am waiting.‬

‪So, like I said earlier on, everything has a “HOW TO”, writing inclusive.

This is one place to learn the HOW TO of writing.

How do you approach that?‬

‪* Start by writing just how you speak.

Don’t try to ‘be technical’. Don’t even try to write TO IMPRESS the expert writers or your readers. In other words, write to express not to impress.‬

‪‪Just communicate your thoughts, experiences, feelings and observations the best form you can, putting them into words.‬

* Go learn the art and science of writing.

Everything (or most things) is LEARNABLE. As you read stuffs (I mean WRITE UPS) online and offline, take note of people’s whose writings or WRITING STYLES appeal to you. Google them and READ MORE of their write ups. Watch how they write. Observe what makes such people appealing to you and what makes them different from other writers.‬

‪Know this, ALL WRITERS ARE NOT EQUAL. What do I mean by  that? All writers, write differently even if they are writing about the same thing. Writers’ experiences, lifestyles, education, training, travels, and other factors COLOUR their writings.‬

‪So, you can learn more from those whom you have COMMON GROUND with. Those you share similar experiences, feelings, visions with. This however doesn’t mean you cannot pick some other things from those you don’t share common ground with.‬

‪* Go learn from a writing school.

This is not limited to a formal, or physical writing school. It can be online, unstructured/structured meeting with good to excellent writers you know in your environment. Just think beyond the norm.‬

‪* Have a formal and informal CORRECTING FLUID.

Oh sorry, I mean have people around you who you can share your write ups with that are willing to help you go through them and do some few corrections on them. These set of people may be your friends online and offline. They may be your colleagues at work. Or your family members. When you write, you need a second eye to help go through it. Most times, you cannot spot some errors yourself. You may call it WRITING BLIND SPOTS.‬

‪FINALLY on this,

∗Get writing resources.

there are SO MANY writing resources online and offline, search for them. They will teach you the “HOW TO” of writing. Your responsibility is just to APPLY THEM in your writings.‬

3. “People Will Laugh at My Mistakes.”‬

‪One of the major reasons most people fear public speaking is SHAME. Yes, shame. They are afraid that they will make mistakes as they speak. Their tenses may be wrong or make one grammatical blunder and they will be laughed at.‬

‪I have observed that some people too are afraid to write because they may commit grammatical  summersaults. To them, to prevent that it is better they don’t write all. Uhmmmm….that is even more dangerous. When you decide not to write at all because of blunders, you don’t give full expression to who you really are. Writing is basically a COMMUNICATION TOOL to express who we are and what we do and how we do it. Simplicita! as a friend would proclaim.‬

‪More importantly, you deny humanity your essence and the value they can derive from you. This is MORE GRAVE than not writing at all. Which option would you rather choose: to write and become a generational blessing or not to write and become a man or woman who denied the world the value he or she carries?‬

‪The choice is actually yours to make, but candidly, I would advice you make up your mind to start writing NOW.‬

‪Know this, nobody become BETTER at not doing (anything at all), we all become BETTER  and best at whatever we do and practice daily. It is a process of becoming.‬

‪Those who laugh at people when they are newbies at a thing are the same people who celebrate such people and brandish their names  when they become experts. And you know what, they want to IDENTIFY with them when they are masters of their crafts.‬

‪And in fact, some people you are IMAGINING will laugh at you may not; they may even be eager to help you become a better writer by providing resources that will help you.‬

‪We are together in this writing journey, I am learning too. Are you willing to be my companion?‬

‪If you are, go ahead and write a piece now. I am waiting to read!

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Author: Sam Semako

I am a Career Development Consultant who mentors those who are confused regarding what to do with their lives, or frustrated about their work or struggling to find what they need to do with their lives. I also help train them to become experts in their fields by providing them with significant career-based information, resources (in form of opportunities and networks), and training relevant to their fields in order for them to live their dreams and make a lasting impact in a space of 1 year and beyond.

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