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I met Sir Semako. Hmm, it was in 2011 when I volunteered for one of Pro health’s outreach in Cross Rivers State, in Nigeria.

Usually every morning before we leave for the field, there is prayers and Bible study/motivational talk session. During one of those sessions, I heard Mr Semako speak!

Hmmm, the kind of words that came from his mouth? I remembered how he said he was already preparing something like a devotional for his kids. A lot of words of wisdom came from his mouth that morning that got me thinking about my life. I couldn’t approach him oo; as I was too shy and intimidated.

So I noted his name and afterwards searched for him on facebook, sent him a friend request and I started following his posts silently.

It got to a point in my life when I needed MORE DIRECTION, I knew I wanted a BETTER LIFE but didn’t know how to start. I had to summon up courage and asked him if he would be my mentor.

Like the good man he always is, he obliged and our Journey started in 2012. He sent me so many materials to read from Jos, we chatted often on BBM too. We met again, face to face, in 2013.

Mr Sam is someone who is ALWAYS there for you. Apart from being a career coach, he can also coach you in other aspects. For example, when I met my husband( then as toaster), he was always giving me tips oo. I remember him saying

“ask him ANY question that comes to your mind; no question is a stupid one at this stage; sex is only an aspect of marriage, etc”

In 2014, he met my husband in person, when he came to see my parents in Jos.

In 2015, he took me through the PMS 31-DAY JOURNEY and that changed my life tremendously.

When I started my Whatsapp group, GIFT, he offered to teach CAREER LESSONS every Friday, starting from June to the end of last year 2015 and he was so consistent!

Hmmm…I would say he is an all round mentor. Despite his wealth of knowledge, he is so SIMPLE and HUMBLE. I don’t think I’m ready to break up with him oo!”

Mrs Chinwe Jaja (Pharm) – PhD (in view), South Africa.
Phone: +27781865005
Convener, G.I.F.T. Group


“You’ve been a deep source of inspiration to me and I know I’m speaking the minds of thousands out there too. Keep up the good work. May the good Lord continue to increase you in wisdom.” – Okusanya Olufunmilayo Olawoye. February 5 2011


Professor Semako!…for his deep, spiritual and philosophical write ups which ministers to me and many others I believe. Please don’t rest on your oars!” – Dr Funmi Ashiwaju, Dec 18, 2010


“And now to Sam Semako Jinadu, where do I start? You deserve to be celebrated beyond generations. You’re an awesome friend, mentor, colleague, leader and even much more. I’ve seen people profess to be leaders but it stops at parading themselves. You exemplify and typify exceptional leadership, mentorship & friendship. Very simple & humble to the core – that, my Mum will always remark about. I am proud to know you Sir. Sam is too. So is my Mum and the entire family. God bless and keep you for all of us Sir.” – Onyike Abraham Onyike, 26th August 2016 on Facebook


“We met by some providence. You blew my message and I have reaped in leaps & bounds. I owe you.” – Sam Obafemi, 17 May 2014 on Twitter


“My life was deeply touched by you in 2015 and I just want to say thank you Sir. God bless you greatly. May this new year birth a lot of pleasant surprises and favor for you. I truly appreciate you .” – Bukky Adepetu Awosanya


“I gladly dedicate my 1000th tweet to all who have made been on twitter a value added one 4 me daily @careerwisenig @deoluakinyemi @ …” – @obyezeks, Dec 23, 2013


“Good afternoon Sir.
Thank you for today.
No one has made me think about my life so much as you have done in few hours.” – Grace, NYSC Jos.


“Good day sir.

There use to be a time when I felt just having a high IQ represents an individual who is 100% assured of having a smooth relationship in his/her work environment, social circle, family and career pursuit. But that thought has finally been proved stale by you and your team at the PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT + EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE WORKSHOP you hosted not quite long in Jos.

Now I’ve got to realise that IQ isn’t it at all. I now understand that managing my perception in a way that my self-talk (I learnt that word at the workshop… hehehe) remains positive at all times and having control of all emotions thrown at me at every point in time and owning it before communicating to people guaranteed a 112% smooth relationship with family and friends and as well a great career pursuit. I now even have a certificate for PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, which I find totally awesome!

Thank you very much sir. May all endeavours that seem like a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to you, be turned into an ant hill to your pursuit. God bless you and your team.” – Farouk Hassan, University of Jos/Aiesec


“It is one year (3/6/2016) since we started Gals Int’l Frank Talk (GIFT), a platform for women where we are continuously learning to be better women in all areas of our lives.
It all started with the bold step I took despite my busy schedule, certain fears and doubts. Today, we have grown so much in number and knowledge, with women from Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, USA and the UK.

I am thankful to my awesome mentor, Coach Sam Semako Jinadu who held my hand , showed me the way, made me understand what it means to be a leader and still stands by me. Thank you for believing in me and supporting our community in innumerable ways. God bless you, Sir.”
– Chinwe Jaja, Convener GALS int’l Frank Talk (GIFT)



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