Sam Semako Career Development, People And Career (PAC) “Purpose Is Older Than The Product” – Pastor Benson Ogbe

“Purpose Is Older Than The Product” – Pastor Benson Ogbe

I am university dropout.


I am the first of 8 children. My parents are late. I lost my dad at age 20 and was saddled with a monumental responsibility of raising 7 younger siblings alongside my petty trading mother.


It was a torturing time of our life. For survival, I did all kinds of menial labour. From working at building site as a labourer to houseboy, to bartender who set a record as the only bar man ever seen by many who doesn’t take alcohol himself.


I accepted relationship proposals (toasting) from girls who had money to give me so I could feed my home and pay the school fees of my younger ones. (I was a gigolo of some sort 😂😂.)


While in my remedial studies at the university I attended my first pentecostal church on a Sunday morning with a friend whose elder brother insisted that we do. In that service when the Rev started preaching, it was like I heard someone speaking in my mind and telling me you should be the one on that stage preaching.


It was strange but that voice kept on speaking in my head.


When we got home I told my friend and we both started laughing. Even though I was laughing I knew it was a serious matter. So the only way to down play it, I thought, was to be mocking and mimicking preachers.


So I was doing this among friends and they started calling me pastor. I thought that was all. Until two years in later, in my 200 levels, first semester my dad took ill and was hospitalised.


The doctors said their was nothing they could do. I was so troubled. As I was leaving the hospital one faithful day, I got to a roundabout in the city of Makurdi called High level roundabout and I started singing one of the songs that the preacher in the pentecostal church I first attended referred to as his favourite song. As I was singing I was crying.


The song “🎼Jesus is the answer for the world today “


My father died few weeks after that day. It was the saddest moment of my life because I felt my world crumbled. Where was I going to take seven younger ones and an illiterate mother with very poor uncles to?


So I saw no hope. I was hopeless or better put, I felt hopeless with no future.




This started on the 31st December, a year after my father’s death. I attended a crossover service at a church and I made a commitment to serve God that night. So, I began the quest to find out what my purpose was here on earth especially because I heard the preacher quoted from a book by Dr Myles Munroe.


I got the book and my journey of discovery of purpose began.


I read this statement and it changed my life


“Your fulfilment in life is dependent on your becoming and doing what you were born to be and do. For without purpose, life has no heart”


I learnt how to discover purpose.


Pointers to Your Purpose


What is your passion?


What is that which you are passionate about, that you can still do, without getting remuneration and still be excited about doing?


Me: I was passionate about helping people come out from a place of ignorance to knowledge.


What are you gifted at or your area of strength and talent?


Me: I am a gifted public speaker and a natural, articulated talker.


So it was easy for me to grow into my pastoral calling since this also involves a lot of speaking as a preacher.


What area of humanity do you want to be better?


Me: It started with trying to make relationships and marriages better. This was what gave birth to my first major organisation called the Motivated Singles Inc. which started in Kaduna in 2005.


We had the mission to raise good models in relationships. It rose to become one of the most thriving and most popular singles organisations in Kaduna hosting series of monthly seminars.


This took me across all denominations teaching on relationship.


We had a TV program at some point in the city.


When I founded the Motivated Singles I never thought it could become that successful, in fact, I started fearfully without any visible assurance nor support from outside other than the desire to do something.


My one room apartment then became the office.


After building capacity and generating support and some level of followership in the city, the next thing was to move into another area I wanted humanity to be better.



The emphasis is,the area you want humanity to become better in.



You are not here for yourself rather you are a donation by God to this world to make it a better place. 


The highest form of wickedness is you depriving humanity or this world your talents and abilities.


My Next Organisation


This is called Motivation360 – 

a human resource and leadership development organisation.


This took me to schools, camps, companies and organisation that wants training in capacity and leadership development.


My first office space came as a gift for one year, fully furnished by a man who attended one of our programmes and loved what we were doing. Without asking, he gave us the office.



Your passion that you pursue will attract the right people into your space.



The preparation and training for what I do today was not the conventional type.


Apart from all the menial labour I did after I dropped out of school. These are some of the areas of non-conventional training I received.


1. I attended two different bible schools.


2. I did a lot of volunteer work under organisations and people who were already experiencing the results that I desire in my own life and calling.


3. Mentorship. I submitted myself for mentorship.


These were for me the most important part of growth, because I was learning from people who had gone ahead of me. Some of this mentors I didn’t have physical contact with them at that time.


4. Serving faithfully. Nothing guarantees growth like service.


Service is the natural pathway to growth.


Service is the pathway to honour.


Those who serve, build capacity for the future.


I have come to the conclusion that if we must achieve anything meaningful in this life, we should do the following:




Purpose is the original intention in the heart of a manufacturer (the creator).


Purpose is not a decision you make it’s a discovery because [bctt tweet=”purpose is older than the product” username=”SamSemako”].


Purpose is the reason why you are here on earth. If you don’t discover it you might be frustrated forever.




Constant, on-going learning is important to growth.


The day you stop learning you start dying.


Get Exposure. Read wide. It won’t be bad if you know a little of everything. It helps your career and other parts of your life.


Education is the best investment you can make. I didn’t say schooling because [bctt tweet=”you can go to school and not get education” username=”SamSemako”].




No man is an island.


Identify people who can add value to your life and connect.


He that walks with the wise has a high chance of becoming a wise person.


Relationship is not by force it is a choice you must be deliberate about.


Be Mentored

(learning from mentors)


Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development.


Mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face, for a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the protégé)”.



(personal branding)


Build a solid personal brand.


Most people will relate with you base on what they see.


Man judge by what he sees.


You often hear that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but a good book with a bad cover my stay long on the shelf.


[bctt tweet=”A good cover will help a good book.” username=”SamSemako”]


We buy most products because of the beauty of the packaging.



When I came into the city of Jos, after pastoring for a year, in a ministry branch, I left and started our present church with zero budget.



My faith and hope was in God and I was confident that the capacity I have developed over the years has prepared me for the challenges ahead.


Without any major connection to any highly placed person I got the opportunity to be on radio for more than 6 months.


That was the platform that gave me visibility.


I believe strongly that if one is passionate about what he or she is doing even if it’s an unpopular path, that passion will give you audience and visibility that is good for any type of career.



In the city of Jos, I have spoken as an inspirational speaker on many platforms to the amazement of my friends who wonder as to how I do this thing, seeing that they have been in the city before me.



I have had the privilege of speaking in almost all the denominations that you can think off. I just have the white garment church and a mosque to go.



I want to leave you with this:


Never allow anything stop you from pursuing what you are convinced about.


Many will try to discourage you. Your situation may also try to discourage you, but, please don’t stop.


Like NIKE will say “JUST DO IT!”





Benson Ogbe is an influential leader who serves with excellence and integrity.


He is the LEAD pastor at The House of Hope International Church.


He is also the CEO of motivation360


He is a gifted leadership expert, speaker, innovator and highly successful practitioner within relationship and process consulting field.


He has blazed these trails through divine wisdom by which he translates spiritual truths into leadership and relationship themes that restores and changes character by connecting people to their God given purpose and truth.


He is dedicated to nurturing leaders with integrity and zeal to improve the cause of humanity, by empowering them to awaken the success within.


He is passionate about helping humanity to translate their potentials into reality, through the saving message of ‘HOPE’ in our lord Jesus Christ.


He is married to one wife and is blessed with a set of twin boys.


He is based in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria.


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