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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.



PAC-MENTOR-ME is an initiative of “People And Career” (PAC) Whatsapp  and Facebook Platforms.


“People And Career” PAC is a product of CAREER-WISE CONSULTS, a consultancy based in Jos-Nigeria.

PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme is a medium through which those who desire mentoring in their careers growth and related areas and thereby apply for such are mentored through various mentors suited to their needs.

It could be online or offline.

Hands-on experiences and knowledge are shared. Activities are done. And results measured.

PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Pprogramme is based on these beliefs:

1. People LIVE UP TO what they SEE

2. People BECOME what they CONSTANTLY HEAR

3. People BECOME what they can interact with.


So, PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme is done through:

helping mentees get:







How does that operate?

Once a prospective mentee applys for PAC-MENTOR-ME, such person fills PAC-MENTOR-ME form. He/she pays for the programme. Subsequently, the mentee is linked up with a suitable mentor in line with the mentee’s need and desire.

Between the mentee and the mentor, a suitable time is scheduled for the mentoring sessions. A channel of communication is establised: it could be by email, by Whatsapp, by BBM, by Facebook inbox chat, by calls, etc.

The mentee and the mentor determines the suitable channel(s) for them.



How do you know if the mentoring is successful?

Regarding PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme, we are particular about tangible, visible, and enduring results. So, we have measuring systems in place to measure the success of our mentoring programmes.

One of the ways we measure our success is how far is the GOALS of the mentee achieved? Really, we work to see the GOALS/DREAMS of our mentees accomplished in a record time.


Transformational results are so important to us, therefore we don’t joke with that. Our mentors too are aware of this.


Also, we have mentees create their MENTEE’S DIARY which they send to us after EVERY CONTACT With their mentors.


We also have mentors create their MENTOR’S DIARY. This is also mailed to us.


With these, we are able to track the progress of the mentees.

Anywhere there is a mentee or mentor is not measuring up, we restructure and restrategise the mentoring sessions/relationships.



How can I register for PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme?

To register for PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme, send your request to or call/sms/chat up 08037751551. The registration details will be sent to you.



Who are the mentors?

Our mentors cut across different occupational fields and industries, competences and strengths, cultural and religious leanings, educational and training backgrounds, etc.


They are men and women who are value driven, achieving achievers, with strong values for personal development and and career growth.


They have also been resource persons on “People And Career” (PAC) weekly programme where they have shared their CAREER STORIES.

They are men and women of entrenched high moral values, and highly focused individuals with penchant for seeing others become the best version of themselves.

Their profiles are made available in our progamme manuals.



Who is eligible to participate?

The PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme is open to undergraduates, and graduates (of any field), budding writers, authors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, business men and women, bloggers, speakers, etc provided you are particular about your career and personal development growth.



What is the time commitment?

Of course, time is of essence to prospective mentees. So also time of paramount importance to mentors too.

So, the mentee and the mentor determine the time commitment based on your PAC-MENTOR-ME programme applied for by the mentee:

¤ The BASIC Programme (BP) – 1 Month period.

¤ The MODERATE Programme (MP) – 6 Months

¤ The INTENSIVE Programme (IP) – 1 Year

¤ The ENDURING INTENSIVE Programme (EIP) – 5 Years

These determine the time allotment the mentor makes available for mentoring.

It is however advised (recommended) that the mentee and the mentor engage in consistent communication all through out the mentoring programme.



How much does it cost?

Of course there are different cost implication for the type of PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme you opt for. Below are there your cost-investment plans:

1. The BASIC Programme (BP) – 1 Month period. – N20, 000

2. The MODERATE Programme (MP) – 6 Months – N60, 000

3. The INTENSIVE Programme (IP) – 1 Year – N120, 000

4. The ENDURING INTENSIVE Programme (EIP) – 5 Years – N400, 000



How will I benefit from the PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme?

The PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme provides countless benefits for mentees, among these:

¤ Involvement in your career growth –

¤ provision of helpful resources

¤ endorsement of credible, and resourceful mentees

¤ exposure to growth development information.

¤ deep insight into your industry trade secrets.

¤ achieving your goals, dreams and desires.



How many people typically participate in the Mentoring Program?

We have two forms of mentoring: (a) Group mentoring – Here, certain number of mentors shares with a number of mentees in a group session. (b) Individual, one-on-one mentoring – Here, A MENTEE is PAIRED with A MENTOR.



I still have some questions, who should I contact?

To learn more about the PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme, kindly send message (your question) with

“PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme” with your NAME, LOCATION and OCCUPATION

to any of the numbers below:

Sam +234 803 775 1551

Florence +2348137578707

You don’t want to miss this PAC-MENTOR-ME Mentoring Programme.



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