Sam Semako Career Development, People And Career (PAC) “Do Jobs that Will Position You as a Thought Leader.” – Victor Akunna

“Do Jobs that Will Position You as a Thought Leader.” – Victor Akunna


Sam Semako:
Victor Akunna, good to have you on PAC as our guest today!


Victor Akunna:
Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here.


Sam Semako:
Before we go deeper, who is Victor Akunna?


Victor Akunna:

Victor Akunna is a multi-talented individual, energetic, driven and passionate individual who is focused on helping people become a better version of themselves.


I hate injustice or anything that demeans or puts people down and I like peaceful relationships.


I am married to Chidi Akunna and I live in the U.K.



Sam Semako:
Give us highlights of your career journey.


Victor Akunna:
I started my career in the hospitality industry helping out in the family business. This was where the flame of entrepreneurship was ignited.


I later worked in another family business as a sales representative until I left for Lagos State University where I studied Philosophy.


This was the breeding ground for the development of my leadership capabilities. This was because while on campus my roommate and I started Daystar Campus fellowship which later grew to other universities.


When I left the university, I joined a company which brought invest clubs to Nigeria, they also conducted one of the biggest financial seminars on investment at the time.


I played a role in sales. I later left for a training and consulting firm where I played the role of a sales representative again until I left for NYSC.

*NYSC means National Youth Service Corps – 1 year compulsory post graduation national service for all graduates in Nigeria.


After my NYSC, I joined a top consulting as an analysis. This was where I learned to think like a consultant, create content, engage clients, confidently sell services etc.


However, I had to leave after a while, cause we were owed salary for months. However, I left when God asked me to leave and up till today I still have relationship with all my former bosses.


After leaving, I started my own company called HamiltonRichards Consulting. It was a company that was responsible for helping S.M.Es set up human resources systems and structures.


We also handled all their HR functions for example, recruitment, training, discipline etc.


This company grew so much that I had to look for help at some point. This also connected me with great mentors and relationships which opened doors for me to train top banks, oil and gas companies in Nigeria.


Right now, I lecture in a university and I am also an intimacy catalyst, helping companies, people, and couples build quality relationships.


Sam Semako:
Awesome career journey there! In this journey, what are the principal lessons you picked up?


Victor Akunna:



The importance of building relationships. God will use relationships/social capital to open doors to your next level.



Master every level because it the stepping stone to the next.



No future without a vision. The future is not a distant date but the vision you hold in your heart today.



Self-development is a ticket and a platform for the next phase. All I learnt while working is serving me today, many years later.


Ultimately, we are working for ourselves, because who you become, the knowledge you possess are portable. They can’t be taken from you.


So, be and learn. Be thorough. I used to volunteer for hard responsibilities without an extra pay, because I wanted to learn.


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Resourcefulness is superior to resources. Focus on being resourceful!


Sam Semako:
Why did you decide to follow the career path you are on?


Victor Akunna:
I did not decide to follow it. It was a call for me. It took me a while to agree but it won’t go away. I just followed His instruction par time.


Sam Semako:
How was your growing up like?


Victor Akunna:
My growing up was tough. I grew up in a part of Lagos called Oshodi. However, my parents did their best to shield us from the negative modelling in the environment.


Hence, we lived in the environment but we always saw ourselves as different and in transition. Thank God for his help. It does not matter where you start from, God can take you to great places if you let Him.


Sam Semako:
If you have your life to do all over again, what are the things you will do differently?


Victor Akunna:



I will focus on mastering every level rather than sprinting to the next. Life is a marathon not a sprint. This would help you grow depth faster.



I will Connect and build deeper relationships with mentors rather than an aloof relationship When you have people who love you and holds yo accountable without taking advantage of it.



I would craft a clear vision earlier instead of trying every thing that looks interesting. Although, I was able to correct this early and in a humorous way, all the experiences are now adding up.


Sam Semako:
Who are the people who have had tremendous influences on your life?


Victor Akunna:
Hmm many….God, parents, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Abiodoun Olusoji, Kiyosaki, Debo Adebayo, Tunde Ojikutu, Two elder brothers, my wife etc. Long long list.


Fela Durotoye, Praise Fowowe, Niyi Adesanya.


Many of the people I meet daily. I learn from people’s stories by watching and listening to them.


Sam Semako:
Someone said if you meet a wise man, ask him the kinds of books he reads. What kinds of books do you read? And what are the books that have had impact on your life?


Victor Akunna:
The Bible, I read broadly and deeply. This means I read relationship, management, science, media, education, entertainment, etc.


I follow my inner flame, curiosity and drive. Sometimes, God recommends books to me based on what He is preparing me for.


Sam Semako:
What are the things you will say to undergraduates?


Victor Akunna:



You are at your learning years – focus on building a life that will be relevant and influential tomorrow.



Do jobs that will position you as a thought leader. Thought leaders dictates what they earn. This may mean doing jobs that may not pay much at the beginning.


I worked in the consulting field, they usually don’t pay a lot (things may have changed) but the person you become will be phenomenal if you know what you are doing.


If you focus on earning, at the expense of learning and building resourceful, the law of diminishing returns will catch up with you. One single industry change can wipe you out.



Focus on building transferable skills. Skills that can be used across industries e.g relationship building skills.



Do a course that aligns with your passion. Get involved in leadership roles, especially in fellowships. Volunteer where you can acquire skills.


Sam Semako:
What are the things you will say to graduates and Nigerian youths?


Victor Akunna:
Same as above.


Sam Semako:
What are the future projects ahead of you?


Victor Akunna:
I want to transform relationships in marriages and companies where I live and then in the world. This I have started already.


Sam Semako:
What are your greatest fears?


Victor Akunna:
Really not pushing myself hard enough. Not accomplishing all I have in my heart.


This drives me to work at insane hours.


Sam Semako:
What are your parting words for us?


Victor Akunna:

Learn from others but don’t follow their map of the world because you will live in a different era. 


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Sam Semako:
Thank you so much Victor Akunna.




Victor Akunna is an intimacy catalyst. He helps married couples build romance and intimacy in their relationships/marriages.


He delivers guaranteed results based for his clients based on a bespoke easy to follow solution called The Intimacy Builder.


He is an author, blogger, trainer, conference speaker and a member of The Coaching Academy, UK.


He runs many social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group where he coaches and counsels singles and couples on building successful relationships and marital romance.


He is fondly called the Romance and Intimacy Catalyst because of his passion for helping individuals, couples and companies build sustainable and valuable relationships, and testimonials abound.


He is involved in various projects both in Nigeria and the UK. He has undertaken some of such projects in Oxford University, University of Bedfordshire, Daystar Christian Centre Singles fellowship (Ladies and Gentlemen), RCCG parishes, Skye Bank Plc, Wema Bank Plc, International Youth Foundation (sponsored by Samsung), just to name a few.


He also partners with his wife in running “Intimacy Builder Masterclass” – a coaching programme and “Lite the FIRE” workshop – a couples’ romance makeover intervention.


Together, they write “Connected Hearts” – a leading daily devotional on spicing up marital romance and intimacy. They also oversee the operations of Foundation for Family Affairs – a charity focused on strengthening families around the globe.
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