Sam Semako Blog 7 Things To Do To Help Your Followers Achieve Their Life Goals (And Also Increase Your Followers)

7 Things To Do To Help Your Followers Achieve Their Life Goals (And Also Increase Your Followers)

Some few days ago, I was out with my friend, Ferdinand Attah who also doubles up as one of Career-Wise Consults volunteers, to an orientation for new participants for an employability training.


When we where done from there, we took a long walk and that gave us another opportunity to talk over some important things regarding our lives and what we do at Career-Wise Consults.


While we where on that, he suggested we visit a place he once volunteered for. We got there, and I was put on the spot to record a podcast.


I was glad for that. Though it was something I wasn’t prepared for. But I did it anyway.


When I got home and thinking over the whole scene and how Ferdinand always act as a push to bring my desires and dreams to reality, I felt like,


“How can I help him realise his dreams/goals?”


Quickly, I sent him a THANK YOU sms. I was about sending this question,


“How can I help you realise your career goals?”


But, I paused and reasoned that when we meet, that’s the question I will pose to him.


How Can You Help Your Followers Realise Their Life, Business, or Life Goals?


As a writer, blogger, podcaster, speaker, businessman or woman, entrepreneur and so on, how can you help your followers achieve their goals?


Close to the studio where I did the podcast recording, we met the young man who worked with me.


Initially, Ferdinand called him over, he hesitated. From what I saw he was on his way out to somewhere, but we were able to convince him to go to the studio with us.


Walking down, he saw a young lady and stopped to talk with her. He spent over 15 minutes talking with her.


We waited and waited for him and had to go over to the studio. He later joined us.


One thought that came to me while waiting for him was,




That’s a key there. I thought and shared with Ferdinand that, see, someone who felt he didn’t have the time to spare with us initially, stopped to talk with a lady for over 15 minutes.


(Well, to appreciate him, he spent over 5 hours with us later though).


[bctt tweet=”People who love what they do spend time on what they do.” username=”SamSemako”]


[bctt tweet=”People spend time on what they think is valuable to them.” username=”SamSemako”]


Your followers are looking for VALUE


The value may mean getting solution to the problem or challenge they have.

The value may mean entertainment that they longed for.


[bctt tweet=”Value comes in various shades and colours.” username=”SamSemako”]


So, in achieving their goals, they need people and information that can make that happen.


 Any where they can find such people or information they will spend their time and resources there.


[bctt tweet=”Your followers are looking for value.” username=”SamSemako”]


When he came over to the studio. Ferdinand, introduced me to him.


He took it from there and asked me what exactly I wanted.


Before I told him anything, I asked, “Can I get to know you too?”


He told me his name. he studied psychology from University of Jos. He was coursemate with my friend. My friend chipped in, “But he has Masters also in Psychology.”


Looking at him, you won’t imagine he has Masters.


When we were done with that I was able to share with him the nature of the podcast I do.


He went on to ask me more questions. I answered them.


We kept going on, back and forth, on questions and answers.


That helped him to gain clarity of what we should be doing. That also helped me to understand his depth of what he does and how professional he is.


[bctt tweet=”When you ask questions, you gain clarity.” username=”SamSemako”]


He was ready to help me achieve my goal of producing a podcast, but he couldn’t do that without understanding some basic things that are necessary in helping me.


This also applies to you in trying to help your followers achieve their dreams or goals.


So, what are the things you need to do if you really want to help them achieve their goals?



1. Find out their goals


[bctt tweet=”Every man or woman has a goal they strongly desire to achieve.” username=”SamSemako”]


Most times, they are UNSPOKEN or UNWRITTEN.


Your role and responsibility is to find that out.


How you find out may take any form.




You may get to know that through interaction with your followers.


For instance, on Facebook, some people just post and post without interacting with their friends in their inboxes.


There was a time, I saw a young lady posted something on her timeline. I became curious and inboxed her. That started a conversation. And before you know it, she opened up and I was able to help her.




You can also find out through surveys.


Periodically, you can use google document to create surveys you can send out to your followers or customers or clients.


You can also use Whatsapp, Twitter and any other media to get answers to questions.




I have to state this separately because we tend to overlook this.


Simple questions regarding what they want and their challenges will give you a peep into their desires.




I pay attention to what people write or post on social media platforms on timelines and groups.


I pay attention to replies to people’s post that others comment on.


They are pointers.



2. Connect with them personally


Last year I spoke in Ini Akpan’s event in Lagos. Before I was brought on to speak, she gave a glowing introduction of me. While she was doing that, she said when she came across me on Twitter and followed me, I DM her and asked her, “How can I help you?”


Sincerely yours, when I heard that I doubted if I said that. I thought she was just over-blowing my reputation.


So, when we left the event and got to where I lodged, I pulled out my phone, went to Twitter and straight to my DM. I had to go back some years back to see what she said. In deed, I said that to her. But I forgot I said that.


Like she said, she was surprised that someone will asked her, “How can I help you?”


All the people she had followed before me never said such to her.


She also recalled that she wrote a piece on Facebook. And she got a message from me telling her that what she wrote was awesome. And that I encouraged her.


That started our mentor-mentee relationship.


What if I haven’t connected with her on that level.


But I need you to know that I did those things not because I wanted anything from her, but I did that because I genuinely wanted to help.


Even if you are prospecting with the intention of selling things, have the sincere heart to help first. First win their hearts genuinely before you ask for their hands (or what is in their hands and pockets).



3. Write for them. Video for them. Blog for them


 [bctt tweet=”Write for them. Video for them. Blog for them – Your followers. Your customers.” username=”SamSemako”]


I am really learning this too myself.


I found that, for you to help your customers, followers, blog readers or podcast listeners or Youtube viewers, etc you must WRITE FOR THEM. VIDEO FOR THEM. DO WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM.


How do you do this?




Address them specifically. If you write for entrepreneurs, or bloggers, or salesmen, or teachers, mention their profession in your video or write or whatever you do for them.


[bctt tweet=”SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE” username=”SamSemako”]


Every field has its lingo. There is something call market-speak. Teacher-speak. Etc.


That’s the language they understand. Writers write for readers. Teachers teach for students.


There is a way you write for marketers. There is a way to write for teachers. There is a way to write for parents. There is a way to write for sports men and women.



4. Assist them


This is simple enough. What are the simple ways they need assistance.


Give them free PDFs that are basic enough to help them start on the journey to achieving their dreams.


Help them correct their errors in writing with honour.


Give assistance that you think that doesn’t need them to pay you first.



5. Think for them


Yes. That’s exactly what I mean.


I told my friend, Ferdinand, we have politicians and individuals who have enough money to fiance projects but they don’t have projects to finance.




We can THINK THEM and birth them, so they need us. They need our ideas.


[bctt tweet=”You need to THINK problem-solving ideas and products for your followers.” username=”SamSemako”]


That’s the area you are gifted in. That’s what you do. That’s why you do what you do.


So, think for them.



6. Listen to their stories


What most of us do is talk and talk about ourselves. We don’t listen to what they are saying about themselves.


I saw a message on the wall of one of my mentors some years ago. I can’t quote that in verbatim now. But it goes something like this,


“When you do all the talking and you don’t give me time to talk, you haven’t learned anything from me.”


Listen to what your followers, readers, clients, customers are saying.


That will help you a lot.


That young man in the studio listened to me in order for him to help me produced a good podcast.


He wasn’t all out to pitch me his ideas for a good podcast. He listened to me! He asked me questions and REALLY LISTENED.



7. Ask them questions


Lastly, questions are excellent way to get into the hearts of people.


Questions help you to know their world view.


That’s get you to know what they know and what they don’t know.


Someone said, wise people ask questions, but foolish people just talk on, and on.


[bctt tweet=”Ask questions, always! It helps.” username=”SamSemako”]


How can you help me if you don’t know me?


How can you help me if you don’t ask me questions about my goals and aspirations?


If you do the above 7 things they will assist you in helping you help those you want to help in your fields.


Is this helpful?


Let me know by your comments. Thanks.


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Author: Sam Semako

I am a Career Development Consultant who mentors those who are confused regarding what to do with their lives, or frustrated about their work or struggling to find what they need to do with their lives. I also help train them to become experts in their fields by providing them with significant career-based information, resources (in form of opportunities and networks), and training relevant to their fields in order for them to live their dreams and make a lasting impact in a space of 1 year and beyond.

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