Sam Semako Blog 8 Tips for Writing on Social Media Platforms (for those who are struggling to, or don’t know how).

8 Tips for Writing on Social Media Platforms (for those who are struggling to, or don’t know how).

One thing I do (because of my clients, mentees and myself), I pay close attention to what is happening online.

I watch trends.

So, there is a way to write for your followers on Whatsapp, Facebook and your blog.

Some months ago, a friend, Mike Nwangwa did a series on Public Speaking and started another series after.

If you followed his series (I know you didn’t), he wrote in a way that it was (mostly) from HIS PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

So, what do you have to do?

1. Write from your personal experience.

Always try as much as possible to relate your experience.

That’s, SHARE from your experience.

When you write from your personal experience, because YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, there are people who will RELATE to your experience.

Use EVERYDAY happenings.

Write as if you are telling your friend what happened.

People don’t want to read TECHNICAL, JARGON-FULL write ups.

They want to read things that are happenings that they can learn from (especially in your life).

At the end of today, try and write one from what happened to you today.

Or what you read.

Or what you saw.

Or what you heard.

Or talk about a mistake you made.

Or an incident that happened.

Or an oversight you had.



2. Let your write up be RELATABLE.

Let it be something certain people can RELATE with.

If you are writing for PARENTS, they should be able to RELATE to your experience.

If you are writing for ENTREPRENEUR, they should be able to RELATE with your experience.


As you do that, make sure you address an individual.

Don’t use GROUP words like we, them, etc. Or use LESS group words.


3. Speak to one person as you write.

It is an individual reading per time.

Reading is a personal thing. It is not a “We” thing.

I sometime do that mistake too.

They are not reading AS A GROUP.

Use “YOU” often.

Yes, there are times you can use we, but sparingly.

Am I still making sense?

As you speak to one person, take into cognisance that, despite the fact that you are “writing to one person”, note that everybody won’t value what you are sharing.


4. You have your audience.

[bctt tweet=”EVERYBODY is not your audience!” username=”SamSemako”]

Like I shared with one of my mentees in our session today,

I said, just like they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”,

VALUE APPRECIATION is in the heart of the people the value is presented to.

Your role is JUST TO WRITE and PRESENT IT!

Those who will value it will value it.


5. Don’t worry about whether it will be appreciated or not.

Do your own job of writing and posting.


6. Develop your own VOICE and STYLE

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I have seen different VOICES.

Some are CHATTY.


Some are PLAYFUL.

Some are CHURCHY.


Some are FRIENDLY.





You get the drift?

[bctt tweet=”You must FIND your own VOICE.” username=”SamSemako”]

What kind of VOICE is my own when you read my write ups?

Sometime, some people mix two or more.

Talking about STYLE, some people use STORIES very well.

Some people is just PURE PROSE.

Some are good with ANALOGIES.

Some can bring out FUN in everything.

Some people can be SACARSTIC.

Some people are

You will have to find what works well with you.


7. Get a suitable PLATFORM for you.

For some people Twitter does it for them.

For some people Facebook is the koko.

For others, Instagram is bae.

And others still, their blog works the magic.

And some can deftly wriggle their ways in between two platforms or among three platforms.

That depend also on where your typical audience congregate (gathers).


8. Make WHITE SPACE your friend.

Another point I want to raise is that, when you write, make sure there are WHITE SPACES.

What do I mean, space your paragraphs.

It makes your write up easy to read and scanable.

What’s your view?

I think that does it for this now.

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Author: Sam Semako

I am a Career Development Consultant who mentors those who are confused regarding what to do with their lives, or frustrated about their work or struggling to find what they need to do with their lives. I also help train them to become experts in their fields by providing them with significant career-based information, resources (in form of opportunities and networks), and training relevant to their fields in order for them to live their dreams and make a lasting impact in a space of 1 year and beyond.

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