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7 Career Lessons From Emeka Nobis

Sam Semako:




Emeka Nobis is a man on a quest – to see writers become celebrated icons in Nigeria.


I’m also a trained mechanical engineer whose pen flows with unfettered creativity.


I’m a life strategist and public speaker.


Sam Semako:

Tell us THREE (3) things we don’t know about you.



1. Many don’t know I trained as a mechanical engineer, even though I write professionally now.

2. I hold a 9-5 job as we say, but I run my company PROFOUND IMPACTS INTERNATIONAL in parallel.

3. I’m a romantic. I watch Telemundo with my wife daily. I’m not a fan of any football club, so I can stroke any at will.

*How do you run your 9-5 job alongside your company PII efficiently.



Time management.


I push myself beyond ordinary levels.

I work during break when others are chatting. Weekends are great moments.

It is stressful but daily intakes of fruits and vegetables help me keep the zing. I rest by watching Telemundo with family.


Sam Semako:

Where and where have you worked before now?



Just one company since 2006. It’s called SAIPEM Contracting Nigeria Limited, a leading EPIC multinational.

EPIC means Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction.



Sam Semako:

What do you do now?



I write, speak, and coach folks on life strategy – business of talents, thought leadership, purpose discovery and relationship.


Sam Semako:

Give us 7 Career Lessons you have learned from your experience.



Lesson 1. Meetings are necessary, but when convened for very congenial reasons, they become counterproductive.


Lesson 2. Within the walls of an organisation you may not have the resources always to try out the ‘folly’ of your belief.


Lesson 3. Creative folks approach work from a sense of urgency spurred by a passionate enthusiasm.


[bctt tweet=”Creative folks approach work from a sense of urgency.” username=”Iamemekanobis”]


Lesson 4. A disconnect happens when the individual’s goals and aspirations aren’t floating on the organization’s mission.


Lesson 5. Workplaces aren’t a roller coaster of wins, flashy teeth & back slaps.There are times when you’ll feel sideswiped.


Lesson 6. Celebrate your ‘small’ successes. They will help you plug the gaping holes of pain in down times.


[bctt tweet=”Celebrate your ‘small’ successes.” username=”iamemekanobis”]


Lesson 7. Find your blood group – those folks who push you hard and help you raise the ante on your game. It helps a lot.


[bctt tweet=”Find your blood group – those folks who push you hard and help you raise the ante on your game.” username=”iamemekanobis”]


Sam Semako:

What is 1 thing you will share with an undergraduate?



Lesson to an undergrad:

Get the whole juice from your learning experience in the university!


Don’t overspend time on frivolity. That cost me a 1st class; one of my life’s regrets till date.


Sam Semako:

What is 1 thing you will say to a graduate?



Lesson to a graduate: It’s time to start asking the question about your life’s purpose –

“What am I really born to do?”


Sam Semako:

What is 1 thing you will say to someone who wants to be self employed?



Advice 1: Test the waters before embracing the unpredictable arms of the entrepreneurial journey.

[bctt tweet=”Test the waters before embracing the unpredictable arms of the entrepreneurial journey.” username=”Iamemekanobis”]


Advice 2: Don’t launch out based on whims or the high dive of emotions. When reality hits, such won’t undergird you.


[bctt tweet=”Don’t launch out based on whims or the high dive of emotions. ” username=”iamemekanobis”]


Sam Semako:

Name 3 books that have INFLUENCED you GREATLY. 



1. Gifted Hands by Dr. Ben Carson.

2. The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck M.D

3. God Are You There? by Steve Brown.


Sam Semako:

Name 3 people who have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.



1. Mum, who helped to set me on the path of literary exploits.

2. My fiancée (now my wife) who helped me quit use of curse words.

3. Steve Harris, whose life’s work intimidates and encourages me to pluck roses from thorns.


Sam Semako:

Given opportunity to start all over again, what will you do differently?



I’ll set up my business systems earlier; preferably my undergrad days.


Sam Semako:

What will you like those reading here on to do for you?



I’d love them to appreciate the works of budding Nigerian writers.

Become aggressive brand evangelists of our works!

I’d love them to follow these handles: @RichardChilee, @sobafemi, @chinonsowrites, @SandraSandygold and @emeka_nwarulor

Follow also @Grace_Festus @Bunmicake, @OkparaMcCoy, @JEPHTERAKAEHIE and @jobfastng. These handles are a blessing!


Emeka Nwarulor Replying Emeka Nobis: Thanks boss. I do appreciate you greatly and every other handle mentioned here. Keep up the great works!


Emeka Nobis replying Emeka Nwarulor: Thanks bro. Keep the flag flying at full blast!


Sam Semako:

Name 3 people you will REALLY like to meet (get linked up with).



1. Seth Godin so I can pick his brain. His writings have been feeding me with unconventional ways of looking at life.

2. Pastor Paul Adefarasin, to tap into his elocutory grace.

3. Anthony Robbins. I’d love to understudy his business systems.


Fasoranti Damilola
Replying to Emeka Nobis: Oh, in quotidian expectation, I glean Seth Godin’s mail. Profound. Profound…


EMEKA NOBIS replying to Fasoranti Damilola: His email drops into my box daily. He has helped my writings, my understanding of organisations and business.


Sam Semako:

What are your 3 QUESTIONS for those reading you now?



Question 1: Have you identified your life’s purpose? 


Question 2: What plans are you making to play on a global level?


Question 3: Would you love me to feature in a live Meet-A-Mentor session with Sam Semako


Bukola Olalere replying Emeka Nobis:

Answer (1). Yes Sir.

Answer (2) Strategically mapping out different ways at the moment, so much to learn from you sir

Answer (3) Yes Sir. It will be super duper cool for you to feature in Live-Mentor Program


Emeka Nobis replying to Bukola Olalere: Awesome. Keep revving the engines of that global relevance. I’ll clap on the sidelines on the day of your crowning.



Sam Semako:

Emeka Nobis, I am so GRATEFUL for coming on #CareerLESSONS! Thanks for your understanding!!



I’m thankful to you and your crew at Career Wise for the privilege to have considered me worthy to be interviewed.


P. S. Dateline: #CareerLessons on Twitter, 7:13 PM – 21 September 2014


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