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3 Reasons You Need to Embrace Content Marketing to Advance Your Career or Business

From those TWO WORDS, you can easily tell what the words are about.

Is that not so?


So, to you, what is CONTENT MARKETING?


According to Wikipedia, CONTENT MARKETING is any marketing that involves the CREATION and SHARING of media and publishing content in order to ACQUIRE and RETAIN customers.


Content marketing is also defined as a STRATEGIC marketing approach focused on creating and distributing
•CONSISTENT content to ATTRACT and RETAIN a CLEARLY-DEFINED AUDIENCE — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


NOTE that Wikipedia went further to STRESS that

“The type of content businesses share is CLOSELY RELATED to what they sell.

However, the content’s main focus is on THE NEEDS of the prospect. This information is consistently delivered and CAN BE PRESENTED IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS, including
•white papers,
•email newsletters,
•case studies,
•how-to guides,
•question and answer articles, •photos,
•blogs etc.”

An example is MICHELIN TYRES.

Michelin developed the Michelin Guide in 1900, offering drivers information on auto maintenance, accommodations, and other travel tips. 35,000 copies were distributed for free in this first edition.


In 1999, author Jeff Cannon wrote,“In content marketing, content is created to provide consumers with the information they seek.”


As James O’Brian of Contently wrote on Mashable, “The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return.

All emphasises (words in CAPITAL LETTERS) are mine. I EMPHASISED those words because they are important in CONTENT MARKETING.

For COPYBLOGGER, a popular site, CONTENT MARKETING “means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re EDUCATING PEOPLE so that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you enough to do business with you.”


If you observe, the definition is a bit similar to that of Wikipedia, but COPYBLOGGER put a little spin on their own definition towards the end:

“…in other words, you’re EDUCATING PEOPLE so that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you enough to do business with you.”


CONTENT MARKETING has a PURPOSE; is that not so?

From what you have read so far, what is the MAJOR purpose(s) of CONTENT MARKETING?


According to COPYBLOGGER, Content marketing is being used by 86% of businesses today.

You may have heard…

That people don’t want advertising when making purchasing decisions, they want valuable information — content.

If you are an ardent follower of Michael Hyatt (and some online gurus) you must have heard him say, on several occasions that,


Another version of that is,


The “CONTENT IS KING” slogan is somehow traced back to 2006 when Bill Gates said that “CONTENT is KING”.

At this level of yours, CONTENT is still KING.

So, what has this got to do with BUILDING YOUR EXPERT IDENTITY and BECOMING RELEVANT in your chosen career path?

Again, you may ask, “Why do I need to get engaged in CONTENT MARKETING?”


Like I said in one of the PMSes, the MARKET (your field) is a CROWDED place.

Well, since it is CROWDED you may decide to SHOUT to be heard.

But, if the CONTENT of your ‘SHOUT’ is IRRELEVANT, NOT-USEFUL to the people hearing you, it does no good to your business or career.

Look at these reasons:


1. In the era in which we are right now, called KNOWLEDGE/INFORMATION ECONOMY, people are on the look at for

Your ADVERTS/COMMERCIALS on radio, TV, and newspaper is not enough.

Did I say NOT ENOUGH?!


2. I mean to say, they are IRRITATING, and INTERRUPTIVE!

Like Seth Godin emphasised in one of his books, we have gone beyond the age of INTERRUPTIVE MARKETING, we are in the age of PERMISSION MARKETING.

You cannot be INTERRUPTING me with your COMMERCIALS/ADVERTS while I am enjoying my favourite TV play and expect me to rush out there and get your products.

This is not to say that COMMERCIALS/ADVERST don’t have some impact on sales, they do, but



To where?


The number of people who sits before the televisions and radios in 1985 till 2000 cannot be compared to the number of people who are on THEIR PHONES reading, watching, posting, etc in this era.

That’s to tell you that if you can get you message where their EYES are, you can get their hearts/attention.


NOT COMMERCIALS/ADVERTS of your business or products.

Am I saying we should not ADVERTISE our products and services?

Of course not.


Do you still remember this:

“people don’t want advertising when making purchasing decisions, they want valuable information — content.”

And you still remember this:

“…in other words, you’re EDUCATING PEOPLE so that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you enough to do business with you.”

Sometime ago, a young man heard me on radio. He called the radio programme number to speak with the presenter after we have finished the programme. The presenter called me that a young man needed my attention. I told her (the radio presenter) to give my number to the young man.

He came over to see me. He told me that he has a LAUNDRY BUSINESS. I asked him series of questions of which he answered satisfactorily.

I encouraged him to start sending LAUNDY TIPS/CLOTHES CARE TIPS to his clients via SMS. We came up with an example.


Let me ask you, if he sends that consistently, won’t they (his clients) see him as an expert?

Don’t you think they will SHARE such information with their family and friends?

Again, where do you think they will take their clothes to?

Again, a friend got a job of ‘advertising’ a school. That my friend came over to me and shared this with me. He wanted me to help talk about this school on social media. He paid me for that.

But knowing what I know, I knew CONTENT MARKETING will be the way out. So, I developed TIPS that can help parents such as this:

Learning Tips for Parents

|•| As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. When parents and families are involved in their children’s learning, the children do better and have better feelings about going to school.|•|”

And this:

Learning Tips for Parents


Parents are expected to help out with their children’s home works. Sometimes, you may not be able to work out some of the tasks, but you can ask for extra help. If it is difficult for you to help your child with homework, see if you can find someone else who can help. Or see if an older student, neighbour, or friend can help out.”

And this:

Learning Tips for Parents

•TV/Video Game/Internet

So many seemingly innocent activities/gadgets are all around the home.

Nowadays, children spend more time on these gadgets and activities, especially DURING HOLIDAYS.

They consume their time. Therefore as parents, we need to monitor our children’s television, video games, and Internet use.

More importantly, these activities/gadgets should be fun, educational and should bring out their creative geniuses.”

At the bottom of each post, I will add the name of the school, and their contacts.

Which parent won’t love such a school with such HELPFUL INFORMATION?

Many parents will. Even if they don’t send their children/wards there, they will often go to such schools blog/site or Facebook page to read such HELPFUL INFORMATION.

Is that not so?

What has this got to do with you?

In whatever you are doing, or want to be KNOWN FOR, DON’T POKE what you sell at prospects, rather SHARE HELPFUL RESOURCES/INFORMATION tailored to your ideal prospects and clients/customers.

When they get VALUABLE INFORMATION from you, they are INCLINED to give value back to you by patronising/buying from you.

And MORE IMPORTANTLY, by SHARING valuable, practicable, useable information tailored towards your targeted prospects, THEY TEND to see you as THE EXPERT and GO-TO-CONSULTANT.



From all I have shared so far, do you see the need for you to get engaged in CONTENT MARKETING?

Have a look at this:


Good day friends, welcome to PARENTING 101.

Yesterday we looked at the definition of parenting, today we want to explain the key points in the definition.

Let’s look at parenting RESPONSIBILITIES. Are they just providing food, cloth, shelter and a place of learning?

There are 6 basic PARENTING VACUUM (RESPONSIBILITIES) every parent ‘MUST’ fill.

They are:

This, needs no explanation, lets row.
Our kids are emotional beings, not objects, they need to feel loved, valued and cared for. Show, and tell them How you love and cherish them, irrespective of whether they take last in class.
Our kids want to feel accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated. Our arms need to be called ‘house of refuge’, the safest place to unburden.
Its our job, not that of the pastor to teach them Gods word. Get them grounded in Gods word, and not church!
How our kids feel about themselves depends largely on how they perceive we feel about them. Tell them they’re “exceptional”, “important”, “lovely”, and you’ll raise a super star, but call them “fool”, “good for nothing”, and they’ll grow up believing that.
So funny, we parents relegate this role to teachers and schools, that’s an error! Its our duty! Don’t just subject your child to a 7am-4pm routine, + home lesson to end the day.

This will be dealt with properly next time, just stay tuned.
Provision of food, clothes, and shelter is non-negotiable, it amazes me when I hear parents brag about it, its our responsibility, period.

Thanks for your time!

SETTING THE RIGHT STANDARD comes up tomorrow, I cant wait!

To your success,
Adeh Jones
Parenting/Teens coach.


•As a parent, will you like to meet such a PARENTING EXPERT?

•As a parent, if such a PARENTING EXPERT has a book or audio, will you like to part with your money to get such material?

•As a parent, will you like to SHARE this kind of information with your friends who are also parents?

•If such a PARENTING EXPERT has a SEMINAR, will you like to attend?


EXERCISE 2: Write a CONTENT that can be shared on Facebook regarding an area you want to be KNOWN as an expert in and send to for me to go through. I will help you edit it and share. Note that I will pick 5 people. I will determine to criteria for the choice.


Is this write up helpful? If it is let me kow by dropping your comment below.


∗ PMS stands for Perception Management Strategies taught in “Perception Management Strategies 31-Day Journey” training conducted by Sam Semako 

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