Sam Semako Career Development, Lean Forward 2 Things That Make The So Called Experts/Influencers Different From Career Starters

2 Things That Make The So Called Experts/Influencers Different From Career Starters

On January 15th 2017, I was just pondering on WHAT MAKES THE SO CALLED EXPERTS, INFLUENCERS DIFFERENT FROM every other persons, then it occurred to me that what makes the difference between them and others who are not achieving their dreams or pursuing is due to two things:
Awareness is defined as a knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
It is the state of being CONSCIOUS of something, someone or an event.

It is that simple.
The experts are AWARE of some certain facts and situations.

They are conscious of what they want and what they don’t want.

They are aware of the resources they have and don’t have.

They are aware of their weaknesses and strengths.
They are aware of possibilities though they are yet to enter into those possibilities.
They are aware of abundance though they are yet to enter into the abundance.
They are aware that dreams and desires do come true, even if those dreams and desires are fleeting now.
So, when it comes to making their dreams and desires a reality, they are aware of 3 things:
1. They know (aware) that FEAR can stop them
Fear is raising imagined objections (whether they are real or false) to our desires or steps we ought to take. Fear often stems from failures or rejections we’ve had in the past projects. It can arise also from our imagination due to past occurrences. Fears could be externally motivated or internally generated.
There are various forms of fears:
fear of rejection,
fear of success,
fear of failure,
fear of commitment,
fear of intimacy,
fear of loneliness,
fear of wealth,
fear of aloneness,
fear of work (hard work),
fear of opinion,
2. They know (aware) that IGNORANCE can stop them
Ignorance simply mean, LACK OF knowledge, understanding, information, education, or training.
You can as well say it is being uninformed about a thing, action or a procedure or process of actions or how to generate results.
In my own world, there are three types of ignorance:
1. Partial ignorance
2. Full-blown ignorance
3. Selective ignorance
It will surprise you that some people are not aware that they are ignorant.
“There are four kinds of people, three of which are to be avoided and the fourth cultivated:

1. those who don’t know that they don’t know;

2. those who know that they don’t know;

3. those who don’t know that they know; and

4. those who know that they know.” – Anonymous rendering of the Arab Proverb.


“Men are four:
He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool—shun him;


He who knows not and knows he knows not, he is simple—teach him;
He who knows and knows not he knows, he is asleep—wake him;
He who knows and knows he knows, he is wise—follow him!” – Lady Burton—Life of Sir Richard Burton. Given as an Arabian Proverb. 
3. They know (aware) that INACTION can stop them
No result can be generated without action. Action dictate results.


They are fully aware of this.

So, what are the steps they take to make sure they are not overcome by the above?


1. Dominate their fears by facing their fears.
2. Learn what they don’t know by research, trainings, reading, mentoring, etc
3. Act on their desires to defeat the force of inertia.
In other words, they LEAN FORWARD despite all these.
Is this helpful, if it is let me know by dropping your comment.

Your friend,

Sam Semako
Always #LeanForward!

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